We helped Ace Rug Workroom Achieve a 11.49% YoY Revenue Growth in Under 4 Months as a 75-Year-Old Family Business

In under four months, a website revamp and strategic Google/LinkedIn campaigns fueled Ace Rig Workroom's remarkable 11.49% YoY revenue surge.

Ace Rug Workroom
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Google, LinkedIn Ads
We helped Ace Rug Workroom Achieve a 11.49% YoY Revenue Growth in Under 4 Months as a 75-Year-Old Family Business

Who is Ace Rug Workroom

Ace Rug Workroom, a venerable 75-year-old business based in Oakland Park, Florida, specializes in the area rug industry. Primarily catering to B2B clients, they collaborate extensively with interior designers and rug makers. Renowned for their expertise in fringing and binding services, Ace Rug Workroom seamlessly combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, setting industry standards in rug customization and design for interior décor professionals.


Facing a unique scenario, the client had solely relied on word-of-mouth referrals, steering clear of digital advertising initiatives. Operating within a highly specialized niche, the challenge was two-fold: to attract the ideal B2B clientele with substantial Lifetime Value (LTV) while maintaining a conservative budget. This demanded a strategic approach to leverage digital platforms effectively without compromising on precision targeting and financial prudence.

Project results

Innovative strategies fueled our success, propelling an outstanding 11% Year-over-Year revenue surge. Leveraging data-driven Google Ads and targeted LinkedIn campaigns, we captured a niche market with precision, driving notable growth.

The website overhaul was transformative, elevating contact rates from a modest 2% to an impressive 9%. This expansion of our reach not only broadened our clientele but also deepened engagement, opening doors to valuable opportunities.

Robust analytics laid the groundwork for our strategic decisions, offering invaluable insights into user behavior. Our Google Ads initiatives consistently delivered, generating 20 new leads monthly. This influx translated into 8 new clients, among whom 4 emerged as loyal B2B partners, reaffirming the effectiveness of our strategies in fostering enduring relationships.

If you're in Oakland Park, Florida, Workroom Ace is your go-to for exceptional rug services! Learn more here!

Services Provided

  • Webflow-based creative web design & development
  • Targeted lead generation via Google & LinkedIn ads
  • Proficient visual asset creation & ad copy development



Craft a high-converting website funnel to amplify potential client conversions upon website visits.


Employ a persona-focused targeting approach, pinpointing unique value propositions, pain points, and gain creators for each target persona. Utilize this strategy across Google Search, Bing, and LinkedIn for effective user acquisition.


Harness creative experimentation for A/B testing of copy, creatives, and landing pages per cohort. Identify the optimal combinations that yield the most qualified leads, paving the way for a scalable strategy.

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