Revolutionizing P2P Commerce: Lukop's Explosive LatAm Market Launch

Lukop's LatAm launch achieved 10k downloads in 2 months at a remarkable 4k total spend. Our strategies, from inception to UI optimization, delivered a 35 cents CPI and boosted active users.

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Revolutionizing P2P Commerce: Lukop's Explosive LatAm Market Launch

Who Is lukop app

Lukop, a leading P2P marketplace app in Latin America, stands out for its commitment to user safety. By implementing stringent ID verification protocols, Lukop elevates security measures, ensuring a secure and trustworthy platform for seamless transactions within the region's dynamic markets.


Innovating and launching a new app from scratch poses several challenges. Building initial momentum and gaining user traction in a competitive market requires strategic planning and effective execution. The challenge lies in establishing a strong foothold in a crowded marketplace, breaking through the noise to capture users' attention, and swiftly gaining their trust. Overcoming the inertia of the initial launch phase to foster continuous growth and sustained user engagement is a pivotal hurdle.

Project results

Lukop's launch campaign yielded exceptional results, achieving remarkable milestones within a short span. The strategic deployment of AppsFlyer for attribution setup and meticulous event tracking laid a robust foundation for performance monitoring and optimization. This meticulous approach, combined with the captivating visual assets and engaging ad copy, catapulted Lukop's social paid ads to an outstanding 35 cents CPI. The collaborative efforts with influencers, aligned with compelling storytelling, amplified the app's reach and brought in downloads at an impressive 20 cents each, effectively reaching and resonating with the target audience.

Our swift execution led to Lukop rapidly surpassing the 10k downloads mark in under 2 months, an accomplishment underscored by a spend efficiency of under 4k. This impressive growth not only showcased the effectiveness of our launch strategy but also laid the groundwork for Lukop's continued success in the competitive market.

Presently, as Lukop forges ahead, our ongoing efforts include leveraging user journey insights to drive UI enhancements, continuing our role in shaping the brand's identity and user experience. This forward-looking approach is poised to further amplify Lukop's presence and drive sustained growth in the dynamic Latin American market.

Services Provided

  • Creative and Branding Design
  • UI Design and Development
  • Paid Social Advertising Services
  • Paid Search Campaign Management
  • Visual Asset Development and Execution



In the initial phase, our focus was on crafting Lukop's branding identity while concurrently establishing a comprehensive event tracking structure using AppsFlyer. This foundational step laid the groundwork for effective performance monitoring and optimization throughout the app's lifecycle.


Following the branding development, we seamlessly transitioned to developing captivating visual assets and meticulously planning the launch campaigns. Our strategy revolved around optimizing these campaigns continually, fine-tuning them to resonate with the target audience and maximize engagementn


Upon the successful launch and initial user acquisition, our attention shifted to leveraging invaluable insights from user journeys. These insights were instrumental in crafting an improved and more conversion-friendly UI, refining the app's interface to enhance user experience and drive higher conversion rates.

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