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Empowering Growth Through Expertise

Forge new growth horizons leveraging our top-tier partnerships and seasoned expertise with powerful tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions, we have answers

Data driven decision makers

Unlike many other agencies who randomly throw darts until they find the growth points after wasting thousands of dollars, we only take data driven decisions based on empirical testing.

A well-defined and genuine set of repeatable strategies

Nothing we do is rocket science, rather it's a very carefully distilled and honed set of processes that we've learned (the good way) to work well vis-a-vis growing your topline revenue.

Skin in the game

We launch our own brands and grow them utilizing the same quantitative methodology we used for our clients. Our current inhouse brand is a best seller on Amazon, ranked #1 in its category and selling millions of dollars per month with astounding ACOS and profit margins!.

The same impact as a team of full-time marketers, at 1/3rd the cost and 1/5th the time

We're efficient and great at what we do because we leverage good systems, best in class tools, and a good set of know-how and instincts to produce the same output as that of a small marketing team in a large corporation (we know this from our experience in working with large corporations).

Transparent pricing & no hidden fees

We will never force you to sign a long term contract and operate on a month to month basis. The pricing structure is transparent and available to all our partner brands. Our fees are entirely based upon engagement and never based on time units.

Scalable solution without scalable costs

Most agencies charge a fee based on a % of ad spend. To align Novello with our partners our fee is based on engagements and never on % of spend or hours. As your topline revenue grows, our fee wont!.

Full suite of solutions

We offer services that help brands at any stage. From new brands launching on amazon, to multi million dollar established ones, to national law firms and manufacturing companies. Both in the US and Europe!